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Hi, my name is Holly Williams and I just love dogs.  In all their shapes and sizes, purebreds and mixes, each one is a unique package of personality.  They bring so much friendship, joy and laughter to our lives!  I‘m very  blessed to  care for them as my job.


I was born loving animals and grew up with a menagerie of dogs, cats, horses, chickens, parakeets, and a Shetland pony (talk about personality!).  But dogs stole my heart as they probably did yours if you're reading this!


Show dogs became a passion with me.  I bred, trained, and showed my "Yan-Kee" Keeshonds and Chow Chows for 25 years.  There were Championships, Specialty show wins, and All-Breed dog show accomplishments.  Along the way were pet Shih Tzus, and a Sheltie too.  My dogs rewarded me with so much.  It’s a way for me to “give back” when I groom a dog who feels good and looks so much better when we’re done.


My history includes handling show dogs professionally for other breeders and working at a large show/breeding kennel.  There I did everything from daily kennel maintenance to whelping puppies, grooming and show training, and assisting with grooming and handling at dog shows.  Whew! 


I worked as an artist for over 20 years doing restoration of antique clock dials and reverse glass paintings.  I managed the family convenience store for a number of years as well.  During all this activity I also raised two wonderful sons who grew up thinking they had dogs for brothers and sisters!


When I decided to open a grooming shop, I went “back to the dogs” for further training at Gail Fisher's All Dogs Academy School for Professional Dog Groomers.  I loved their mission statement, “…to educate dog professionals to the highest standards, offering a humane, effective, holistic, skilled and comprehensive approach to their profession.”  The school's emphasis on kindness and understanding for the dogs won me over.  My thanks to instructors Danielle and Kris for faithfully illustrating this principle in every circumstance.


My husband Kevin (my greatest supporter!) and I enjoy driving along the coast of Maine and to the mountains of New Hampshire for relaxation.  We especially enjoy the artwork of our regional craftsmen and collect favorite pieces as we travel.  Chloe, our Toy Poodle loves to go with us.  Chloe came to us as a rescue and has blossomed in response to love and good care.  She is my constant companion and is often in the grooming room close to me when I'm working.



We've just added to our family!


This is Hannah, she is Chloe's new "sister". (Isn't she pretty?)


Hannah is six years old and came to us from our new friend Roseann who is her breeder. Hannah is very dear, perky, curious, and full of good will toward everyone she meets. She has gone about the business of investigating her new home and meets every new experience with good cheer.


We love her already and want to say a special Thank You to Roseann for trusting us to give Hannah a good home!

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