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      Grooming Services Menu       Using "Safe Pet certified" IV SAN BERNARD Products 

FULL GROOM includes:

BATH - Using Iv San Bernard (ISB) Shampoos and Conditioners developed by Italian cosmotologists and based on the actual science of skin. Several product lines address routine bathing for healthy coats, luxury products for show dog results for every coat type, products for the allergy sensitive, and therapy products to help resolve skin issues and encourage hair regrowth. The appropriate Iv San Bernard conditioning product is selected and follows every shampoo ensuring healthy hydration for skin and coat. These High Quality conditioners feed and hydrate the skin and coat and aid manageability for the fluff dry/brush out processes.

Fluff Dry - by hand, using a High Velocity Dryer (Mmmm..Think massage!). This removes loose coat comfortably and gives a close exam of skin condition.  If your dog is uncomfortable with HV drying, I use slower dryers and/or some crate drying, whatever works best for your dog. I use no-heat dryers (only room temperature air) for your dog's safety and comfort.  Your dog is always safely in my view when drying.

Brush Out

Ear Cleaning/plucking

Nail Trim

Sanitary Trim

Anal Glands Expressed- if requested

Pads Shaved and Feet trimmed

Breed Specific or Requested Haircut


"Shed-Less" Treatment-Gentle and nourishing ISB Products loosen dead coat aiding in it's effective removal and encouraging healthy coat regrowth. High-velocity drying by hand and grooming with tools designed specifically to remove shed coat get the  job done with minimal stress for your dog. This process will dramatically reduce the amount of hair your dog would normally leave on the furniture!  

Medicated Bath - Has your veterinarian prescribed a medicated bath? I will use your prescription product according to his directions so you don’t have to.

ISB Mineral Red Products–  ideal for dogs with allergies, dandruff, itching, or sensitive skin. 

Dry and damaged coats – ISB Conditioning/Nourishing/Hydrating products will show immediate results in improving these coats.

Flea/Tick Relief   We'll formulate the best plan using gentle products to get rid of these pests! 

Teeth Brushing with Dental Gel formulated with baking soda to help prevent plaque buildup and freshen breath.


Ear Cleaning/Plucking 

Nail Trim  

Nail Sanding (Dremel) 

Nail Polish  

Anal Glands Expressed 


PRICING Pricing will vary according to Breed, the condition of your dog at that particular visit, and your Personal Requests.

Pricing for Mixed Breeds will be similar to Purebreds of comparable size and coat type.  

Prices will be adjusted for dogs with matted coats and for undercoat removal in excess of what is expected between scheduled grooming visits. (See bottom of page for more info.) 

Please call for my best estimate. I'll give an exact Price once I examine your dog to assess what's needed for a great groom !



MY PREFERRED CUSTOMER PROGRAM will save you time and avoid hassles. i'll set up a personalized grooming schedule and as a Preferred Customer you'll have regularly scheduled appointments (suggested every 4,6, or 8 weeks based on your dog's needs) and you'll never have to wait for an appointment again !  Want to be sure your dog is coiffed and smelling sweet for the Holidays?  Your pre-scheduled appointment assures you of a spot in the busy Holiday Season schedule!

DE-MATTING AND UNDERCOAT REMOVAL - priced on a case by case basis depending on the extra time involved. Please understand that occasionally it is necessary to shave a dog down in order to humanely free him from a matted coat. We’ll get this nasty job over with and plan a Healthy Dog Grooming Schedule for your dog that will ensure he “never has to be uncomfortable in his own clothes” ever again!  You Both will feel Better!

DIFFICULT TO HANDLE DOGS – Please understand that quality grooming can be difficult to achieve and can take more time to complete on dogs that are difficult to handle.  However, if your dog cannot be groomed safely it may be best to take him to a Veterinary Hospital that provides grooming. They will use a mild sedative for his safety and that of the groomer. Fortunately this is a rare occurrence and most dogs will improve over time with patient, gentle grooming techniques and positive grooming experiences. This is always my Ultimate Goal!

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